Idina Menzel May Be Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2019)
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Frozen (2013) star Idina Menzel is in talks to be Cinderella’s evil stepmother in the upcoming 2021 Cinderella film.

Even though she is most famously known for lodging Frozen‘s “Let It Go” into the world, this wouldn’t be the first time for the successful actress and singer to take on the role of a witch, because she played one in the 2003 Broadway musical Wicked.

The 2021 reimagining of Cinderella, is based on an idea by James Cordon and is set to be directed and written by Kay Cannon, with singer Camila Cabello in the lead, and with the recently announced news, it looks like entertainer Billy Porter is in the talks to play the Fabulous Godfather.

It seems like director Canon is planning to have the shoot in London, sometime in February next year, and have the release a year after that. The companies behind the project are Columbia Pictures and Fulwell 73.

Fans of Menzel can hear her again in November as Queen Elsa of Arendelle in the animated sequel Frozen II (2019).

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