Marvel Studios, Among Others On CCXP19, Confirmed To Attend

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2019)

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Kevin Feige, president and chief creative officer of Marvel Studios. As Marvel Studios has confirmed earlier today.

Kevin Feige, who has been in control of Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, is confirmed to attend the Brazilian Comic Book Exo CCXP19.

The expo takes place on 5-8 December in São Paulo Expo. Feige is at the expo on Saturday, December 7th. The next year’s movies Black Widow and The Eternals is expected to make an appearance. Rumour is that already on next week, a trailer from Marvel Studios is expected.

DC and Warner Bros’ movies Wonder Woman 2 (2020) and Birds of Prey – Harlequin and her Fantastic Emancipation (2020) will be there with cast and crew from both of the movies. Even Star Wars cast and crew will be expected to show up on CCXP19.

Streaming services HBO, Amazon and Netflix will be participating too in the action with their own program and shows as it seems. The program intends to be packed.


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