New Paranormal Activity-Film Gets A Release Date

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2019)

                              Courtesy by Blumhouse and Paramount Pictures | Paranormal Activity 

Paranormal Activity movies gained public attention through its smart use of found footage in the horror genre, taking place in a suburban resident.

Blumhouse and Paramount Pictures are teaming up for a new movie in the long-run horror franchise. The studios have set a release date for 2021. Possible this is a remake or some sort of a continuation of the story from the prior the movies.

Paranormal Activity was last released in 2015 and was titled The Ghost Dimension, which was a success back then. The original was released back in 2007, a low-budget independent film that grossed over $200 million on the box office.

As this is some years ahead, the details of this seventh horror movies are still under closure. Therefore, there are not many details on the plot, casting or writing. But since Blumhouse has a record of doing some well-made horror movies the last years, there’s a possibility that they make it right this time.


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