The Mask To Return With Jim Carrey?

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2019)
Jim Carrey-The Mask-

                                                                                                                      Courtesy of Warner Bros.

In 1994’s The Mask gave us a prominent character based on a comic-book, compared today is not as tasteful as the audience wishing for.

Bear in mind, that this news is just rumored and not confirmed. It solicited that Jim Carrey might care for a return for the character once more.  The movie itself gained over $351 million in the box office, back then.  The rumored is considering that Warner Bros. is keen on working with Jim Carrey once more, maybe relive the franchise again and earning more cash on the box-office when needed, not that it ever would.

The news has arrived from We Got This Covered, which also has reported that Bill Murray is returning in next year’s Ghostbusters and that a new Scream, is on the way with a possibility for the original cast to return as well.

This is still in very early development but if there is a chance maybe for a return of Stanley Ipkiss, it should be misleading. It should be thoughtful considering the last movie was an imminently a failure.


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