Travis Fimmel Joins ‘Here Are The Young Men’

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)
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Actor Travis Fimmel, from the Viking series, joins the cast of Arclight’s upcoming project.

Fimmel’s entry is recent and the project is an adaption of Rob Doyle’s novel by the same name, this one will be directed by Eoin C. Macken and Ireland is set as the filming location.  The film is already set for market screenings in North America. describes the eventual plot;

“[…] 2003-set story about three Dublin high school graduates whose epic binge to mark the end of an era is blighted by catastrophe,” writes Screendaily’s Jeremy Kay.

The film is being produced by Richard Bolger of Hail Mary Pictures and Union Entertainment Group’s Noah C Haeussner, together with the executive producers of Foton Pictures, Paul W.S. Anderson, Andrew Davies Gans, Conor Barry, Michael Raimondi, Emerson Machtus, Carlos Cuscó, Dearbhla Regan and Gary Shortall.

The project also got support from Funny Leopard, Bending Light, Screen Ireland, Glanzrock Productions and EGG Studios.

Arclight is also in the works with films such as Long Gone Heroes starring Guy Pearce, Twist with Michael Caine and Lena Heady, Let it Snow and Escape From Pretoria.


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