The Mandalorian (2019-): Season 1

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2020)

The Mandalorian (2019-)

Title: The Mandalorian

Year: 2019-

Genre:  Action | Adventure |  Sci-Fi |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtime: 30 min/Episode

Created by:  Jon Favreau

Starring:   Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog

imdb 8,7/10

The travels of a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.


 The Mandalorian is finally over after 8 episodes and even if it has it’s flawed, it’s decent entertainment for the moment. It’s told from Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian who from the beginning is selected to protect a child version of Yoda. And no! Baby Yoda ain’t that special. Nothing new is displayed in this series. The series Is rather mediocre and plain in terms of the single-way perspective focus on Mandalorian. The whole series is colourized with Star Wars epic-saga. That’s for sure. It tries to remain close to the original saga as well with the Empire and the stormtroopers. It’s a feeling to sense, that the failed sequel-trilogy never happened. What a dream that would’ve been.

The editing makes the series feel and seem simplified. A short number of episodes with simple editing makes the look of the whole series concept feel boring. Boring in the sense it’s minimalistic tone and overhyped plot. Understandably, it’s the first live-action series in the Star Wars universe and has a wide selection of a confident and hardworking ensemble of respectable actors.  Pedro Pascal doesn’t have much to work within this series and by using his voice to interact with other characters, he is convincing in how to explore his own dynamic in the performance he delivers. He is the entertaining part of the whole series.

The writing is decent and not needed to overcompensate with non-needed hyping from keyboard warrior. It’s sometimes illuminating how well-made this series is but it ain’t that good. It’s predictable and serves a better fan service than The Witcher ever is. The plot is far too simplistic to even be compelling considering the potential this series has to offer. It could have deepened everything a little more with the mythology bound to these characters. The effects hold and have a certain quality to offer. The soundtrack to the series gives the shills right to the spine, where it’s needed. Some characters take way too much place like Cara Dune and some just stay in the background when they could have been more of a front figure. The droids used in the series serves them right, the cause that was given in the beginning.

So, the good thing besides a decent performance and the soundtrack? Not much. It’s intriguing at the best parts but there ain’t much because that happens often at the end of each episode. A decent series that tries its best to conjure a predictable and over-hyped plot for those admiring the Star Wars Universe. The concept is interesting but it would perhaps fun to watch some more mature than this…




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