Double-Up Transformers Movies Are On The Way

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2020)

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The undying franchise of Transformers continues to evolve, as Paramount is expected to evolve two new spin-off films of the successful franchise.

The two projects are expected to be written by both James Vanderbilt and Joby Harold, the writer of John Wick 3 respectively.

Vanderbilt’s project is based on Beast Wars, where these robots transform into robotic-looking animals. Vanderbilt has according to reports to Deadline, has been active in the project since last April. One of the projects is set in Bumblebee universe. Together with the last mentioned, it has earned over $4.8 billion dollars for all six titles. With a Box-Office on $468M at the global, it was the lowest-grossing instalment in the franchise.

No directors are attached yet to either of the projects but the cast for respective films are going to be all new.


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