Knives Out (2019)

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2020)

knives out 2019

Title: Knives Out

Year: 2019

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama |

Runtime: 130 min

Director: Rian Johnson

Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas




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A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.


Back in 2017, when The Last Jedi, premiered, I was one of the few that praised that movie by Rian Johnson, for its courage to explore further in the galaxy but has now chosen to withdrawn that as the movie series with Skywalker has decreased in value and quality.

Rian Johnson’s new film Knives Out is not better. It is actually worse than Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It provides a common crime story with a predictable outcome, a stellar cast with a weird accent and a hubris of making it all sense.

Daniel Craig should be a brit that is easy likeable for his nature on the screen. He has a weird portrayal and events just happen right in front of him that doesn’t make sense whatever it may be. He ain’t likeable in this movie. He ain’t a driven character or a protagonist in the film that makes the plot to drive forward.

The plot twist is severe and underwhelming to the context that it doesn’t provide any depth that is needed. These characters are depicted in such manner that it ain’t funny or logic based on the behaviour, it’s in fact ridicule that the reason for the gathering is a mockery of art of writing. The logic doesn’t spare much in this feature film in a comprehensive way.

As proof of this film showcases, Rian Johnson tries to imitate a plot tool that Agatha Christie used in her work; speaking through the character and show instead of telling. The whole drama surrounding these characters is spending speaking of explicit exposition part to maintain a logic sense of this shitty mess.

Rian Johnson fails beside a false plot tool where Marta Caberea, Ana de Armas, is the pariah of the family. A false one. As she is pointed out as a mere nurse helping the head-father of the family when Chris Evans character Ransom Drysdale is the villain behind the drama. The whole thing with the father was unnecessary, in fact as the self-driven suicide was a hoax. The secrets in the family become real and undermining the plot. The death of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) was just an excuse to catalyst the plot, which is a fake and weak move, in terms of screenwriting rules.

Most of the plots rely very much on flashbacks and explanation, deus ex machina just like not necessary acts of characters. This movie is a huge failure and disappointment. An undertaking of what could’ve been good delivers deep between the cracks.

Although, there’s some sort of intelligence behind the random-driven plot. Ana de Armas is the star of the film and she gives a personal and intimate performance which makes the other actors look like idiots. A waste of time.


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