New Year Column – Year 2019

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2020)

New Year Column - Year 2019

2019 was a tragic year for many involved. Especially for the TV-audience who had to say goodbye to many series that concluded their arc. Some turning point happened, and the streaming-war began for real.

For this website, it went through some permanent changes and conflicts but mostly layout. We changed the interface of the whole structure and added and focused a lot more on content in articles, trailers and news, among other categories. It was also a year where we only have written material in English instead of our native language; Swedish, which has been a significant change. It’s also the year we open our YouTube Channel: Mackans TV to expand our way in expressions.


Besides the acquisition between Disney and Fox, that alternative our belief in the never-changing monopoly that Disney has become. Most of this year, movies were way more controversial and diversity with a variety span. It also illuminates of independent filmmakers and low-budget filmmakers. The equality of gender and the racial impression was also a part of the significant changes this year. More women working through the business and heard with their voices.


The Internet changed, as well. News through social media is now standard, a standard that will never be gone. Just like streaming. The most announcement went through only social media whenever covering an event or expo or hearing that a new streaming service is now in development. DisneyPlus, beside Netflix, has now become a game-changer. Netflix was the first one and contributed so with House of Cards in 2013, but DisneyPlus is the first real primary streaming service providing with their own-owned content for their paying subscribers, which has sparked a trend where Warner Bros are also making the same with their portfolio just like HBO Max, AppleTV+ and others. This has in fact launched a whole different era in the way we’re watching streamed online content.

We can’t either forget the tumult that Martin Scorsese gave when he provoked turned to Marvel fans by saying it destroyed modern cinema. This outbreak also gave other filmmakers their chances to express themselves towards the big companies distributed super-hero films. Comic-Con’s event, like in Brazil and San Diego changed somewhat for the industry as well with events. As it has become a standard marketing tool, it showcases as well, that this is the future. Fans are exploited on these events and withholding information from the rest of the public or releasing it directly or later.

D23 in august also provided new concerning on how Disney is plotting its brand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. As we got a few more dates to look forward, we also got a confirmation that Ewan McGregor returns as Obi-Wan Kenobi in his solo-series.

The OSCARS ‘2019

220px-91st-Academy-AwardsThe musicals were a big part of 2018, which reflected on this year’s ceremony. The musicals were a big part of 2018, which reflected on this year’s ceremony. Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the big winners, and A Star is Born. Black Panther won 3 Oscars as well. It was one of the first ceremonies not to have a host, which also might explain why it’s the least-watched Oscars. It was also one of the most diversity Oscar, we’ve seen with Green Book and BlackKklansman among the winners. It might not say a lot but after the controversy by not including minorities at the Academy Awards, this year’s version pivots the direction in a completely different path. This could’ve indicated a desperate attempt in fixing the previous year’s mistake with a result that blows the whole spectacle. It was not as good as the potential and felt somewhat forced as the non-hosting part illuminated the entire illusion of the star-struck gathering.



For Disney, this was pinpointed year in their company history. First, the acquisition between Fox and Disney changed the whole culture climate and the industry permanently. Not to mention the success through Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. Endgame was obvious the one that changed the box-office by crossing many milestones in filmmaking. The global box-office gave this movie the boost which Fox never had after the acquisition. It was apparent the most hyped-out movie there is for the year. A conclusion of over twenty films with a brand that has grown over time. Toy Story 4 was as well a big move to the industry after nine years for it to return, which spawned further off to spin-offs.

Movies that have been withholding quality and storytelling, trying to fixate on diversity instead of a good story after the outcoming with #MeToo campaign. A campaign that radicalized industry for both the better and worse, as the standard of quality has decreased. Which is reflected in the films we watch.

There was a variety in movies released of 2019, some were good, and others were a disaster. Cats are probably one of those features that fit in the latter categories that are unfulfilling and a tragic achievement in this year’s repertoire. As the decade as well as ending this year also provided J.J Abrams despicable try to reinvent and fix what Rian Johnson destroyed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). In Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker that is supposed to be the powerful ending of over 40 years in the making, but it’s underwhelming, once it hits the theatres and Palpatine’s return is filled with the controversial dispute. An ending that will split the fans opinions in half as it was not a satisfying ending for one of the biggest franchises we have. Although the final Star Wars-film could’ve been better, it was a decent pay-off. At least it wasn’t a failure like IT: Chapter 2 where the wrong decisions were prioritized, instead of a good plot.

Other films worth mention is Jojo Rabbit, The Irishman and Parasite. Original movies that have affected the audience in all different ways, with original content and not just spin-offs, sequels and prequels and book adaptations. Martin Scorsese epic-tale with legendary actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and retired Joe Pesci, took a big turn as well in terms of digitalizing the actors and make them look younger. Another milestone was Frozen II that premiered in November that went really good on the box-office until Star Wars. Joker, a story about an anti-hero or villain – whatever you might like to call this wonder, gave us all a sense of credibility in direction and superb performances. A film who also provide a manifest of what you can get of a great script and a caring audience who appreciate the small story as well of big budgets.


2019 was more of a TV-year. As high-budget and quality content becomes more natural to the audience to absorb, TV-series has gained a lot more attention throughout social media and news outlet. Hispanic news gave many protests when fans didn’t get what they achieved and news outlet in Hollywood, USA gave more gasoline to the big fire.


Game of Thrones ended. That was a big fucking deal, for most people. It was like Olympic. But instead of holding fire torch and light the iconic fire, the barer drop it. This show drops it immensely. The outbreak from fans and critics didn’t hold back. A series this big, this huge, failed so bad. A huge disappointment as it turned out to be as the eight-season ended the series. Thankfully we had Netflix with series like Mindhunter and Stranger Things that gave us seasons to make some audiences satisfied. We also got news and promises of new series in 2020 and how it will be for some upcoming TV-series.

The Mandalorian debuted on DisneyPlus, and everyone started to idolize Baby Yoda, that wasn’t much more than a plot tool in the live-action Star Wars series. Hopefully, it’s corrected beforehand the second season that airs fall 2020. The set was decent and didn’t give a depth that was needed. Lost in Space returned with a new season as well. Some new crime-documentaries as well but not significant as Making a Murderer that started a new revolutionized protest of the subject. Some limited series was also released during the 2010s last decade. The fantasy-drama starring Henry Cavill in The Witcher premiered in late December 2019 on Netflix and was renewed for a second season before the first one debuted.



1980 was a massive year, an important one for technology, and the writing of expression really took something to a different level. It changed everything. The streaming-services that has now launched in recent time is also part of something new. By now, a lot of content is coming our way. Golden Globe at tomorrow, Sunday, Jan 5. And soon Critic’s Choice Award and the Academy Awards. And as it begins to end some series after award season is done, some series is intended to be terminated.

At Jan 1, we lost Friends from Netflix as it moves over to WarnerMedia in April. DisneyPlus will be available in Europe, expected in April as well. HBO is also likely to be launched during this spring. So, the year will be filled with streamed content. On the other hand, some retrospective films are expected to arrive in theatres, we will get Daniel Craig’s final James Bond in No Time To Die in April. The 25th instalment of the popular franchise. Tom Cruise returns to one of his old roles in Top Gun: Maverick, slated for premiere in July. Bad Boys also get a treatment when it returns with both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. We can’t forget John Krasinski’s and Emily Blunt’s attempt at originality with A Quiet Place – Part II, a movie that deserves attention just like any other films.

Black Widow

Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson is probably one of the more hyped movies of the year. Scoob could also be a fun-animated adventure. Fast & Furious 9 continues the gasoline-driven franchise. Gal Gadot returns in Wonder Woman 1984, where she spends some time in the 1980s’ and Kristen Wiig makes her claws as Cheetah. Pixar’s version of Soul could be fun, interest concept as well. Ryan Reynolds has permanently become Deadpool. That’s it, and with Free Guy in July, he can manage to give Deadpool-inspired performance while we wait passionately for the third movie with Wade Wilson. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is expected to provide a treatment that will satisfy everyone when the third movie into the series returns after thirty years.

But that doesn’t matter. Besides the Olympics this summer and Comic-Con in San Diego, Tenet from Christopher Nolan should be a mind-bending contribution for this year repertoire. A movie that has somewhat created controversy as it didn’t release a trailer until late December when it should’ve been released earlier online. Marvel contributes as well on DisneyPlus as on the big screen. The Eternals will give a new perspective to the cinematic universe established in 2008, a movie that will send the franchise in a different direction. After that Halloween Kills, where Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Laurie Strode. Godzilla vs. Kong is the showdown 2014’s Godzilla, also starring Bryan Cranston. Dune is probably December most anticipated film where Denis Villeneuve steps into Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi epic after 30 years of the original movie.

So, there is a lot of actors returning to old roles or sequels made 30 years later. But unfortunately, the outcome for horror-movies seems to be a weak one for this year. Luckily, a lot of films is beginning to redeem themselves as filming starts to emerge for next year’s film where Matt Reeves The Batman is one of the more anticipated movies of the year, one that starts principal photography in July.

Both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, dominated the two previous years in the right before summer. This year of blockbusters is suggested to be The Eternals with a big ensemble in a compelling story. This is a year of many films in retrospective and stories that tries to expand their potential. A year where we will also going to use more of streamed content than ever before…

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