Disney+ Reboots Hooch And Turner For A TV-Series

Hooch and Turner reboot

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The film from 1989 with Tom Hanks and Beasly is getting rebooted for a TV-Series on Disney+.

Josh Peck is playing the lead in the new series of 12 episodes, a series created by Mike Nix who also created Burn Notice.

Deadline reports that Peck is playing Scott Turner, a police detective who inherits a big dog. The episodes run for one hour each.  Mike Nix are going to write, and executive produces the series.  20th Century Fox is set to produce under the Disney TV Studios banner.

The original film with Tom Hanks and his partner Hooch was a success where it grossed $71 million based on a $13 million dollar budget. It also became a pop culture icon as it was referenced in other movies and TV-shows.

ABC has also tried to adapt the story but that TV-Series didn’t air back in July 1990, under Wonderful World of Disney. Josh Peck has also been involved in the Ice Age – franchise, The Waekness and Red Dawn. 

Source: Deadline.com

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