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                                                                            Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Sam Raimi is officially in talks on directing the upcoming Marvel project and a new writer has been attached to it as well.

Michael Waldron, the main writer for the TV-Series Loki on Disney+ are joining the project of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness maybe with Sam Raimi.

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Raimi has been in talks to do the project as the last director – Scott Derrickson left it due to creative differences. Waldron is expected to rewrite the script by Jade Bartlett. The sequel is expected to be Marvel Studios first real scary movie and because of this statement, many have left the project.

Waldron has previously written and produced Rick and Morty, the critical acclaimed animated series. Waldron has three shows on expected to go into production. Besides Loki, he has Heels and Florida Man. Florida Man has also Steven Soderbergh as one of the producers. He’s also the showrunner for the crime drama Making Jack Falcone.

Source: THR.com

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