FX’s AHS Cast Revealed For Season 10




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Ryan Murphy has confirmed the cast for the upcoming season of the FX anthology horror-series.


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Ett inlägg delat av Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy)


In a Instagram post Murphy shared among the stars was Macaulay Culkin among the new cast members. He’ joined by Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, who now returned to the acclaimed series. Among the rest of the cast, it’s Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross and Finn Wittrock. The series was renewed to 13 seasons- so three more seasons back in january. Murphy has also talked about aliens and space.

“I think that at the heart of it, it’s always about Americana,” he added.

The new season premieres in this fall. The series has won several awards and touched on many themes. And of course, it still early, nothing about the theme this season is revealed but when we know more, we will tell you.

Source: Deadline.com

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