Indy Is Not Dead Yet; Release-Date Confirmed

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

Indiana Jones 5

                                                                 Courtesy of LucasFilm/Amblin

Harrison Ford made a major impact in the ’80s as an action hero. First with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Now the latter one has finally a release date confirmed.

Ford still has it as production-start is on the way for the fifth instalment in the Indiana Jones-franchise. The last time we witness Indiana Jones on the screen was back in 2008, with a story about the crystal skull and supporting roles from Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf. That latest movie was a disaster, even with the original actor returning.

So, Ford himself has now confirmed that the new and upcoming film will be scheduled to premiere July 9, 2021. In two months, in the summer, the production will also start to fit their schedule. Harrison has commented on the new film in a CBS interview:

“I’m always delighted to come back to these characters,” Ford said. “You know, when we have the opportunity to make another it’s because people have enjoyed them. I feel obliged to make sure that our efforts are as ambitious as they were when we started. You have a sense of responsibility to your customers.”

“[I think] of the people that go to my movies more as customers than I do as fans. Fans feels kind of weird to me, but always has. But the fact that these people support my business and I’m responsible to them for the quality of the service that I offer, that feels better to me.”

The fifth film has been developed since 2016 and it’s already confirmed that this will be a continuation from the prior films. Steven Spielberg is set to direct after he finishes the remake of West Side Story which premiere later in December this year.


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