Courtesy of Martin Scorsese on a film-set

Following The Irishman, Martin Scorsese has aimed at a new movie set in production this spring which is the historical story of Killers of the Flowers Moon.

Both long-time collaborator Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio is starring in the upcoming film, directed by Martin Scorsese.
Martin Scorsese has shared some details on the film:

“It happened in 1921-1922 in Oklahoma. There are certainly cowboys, but they have cars and also horses. The film is mainly about the Osage, an Indian tribe that was given horrible territory, which they loved because they said to themselves that Whites would never be interested in it. Then we discovered oil there and, for about ten years, the Osage became the richest people in the world, per capita. Then, as with the Yukon and the Colorado mining regions, the vultures disembark, the White man, the European arrives, and all was lost. There, the underworld had such control over everything that you were more likely to go to jail for killing a dog than for killing an Indian.”

The film is based on David Grann historic novel with the same name.  Production start later in spring so there’s a possibility for a release in 2021.

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