TV-Series On Marilyn Monroe In Development

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2020)


Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe get her life depicted in a TV-production by 101 Studios and Seven Seas Films.

The series is based on Keith Badman ‘s The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe, a non-fiction novel about the final time of the actress life.

“Marilyn Monroe is an enigmatic icon whose multifaceted life continues to inspire and intrigue us,” said Katie Jones, vp brand at Authentic Brands Group. “She was a trailblazer who forged her own path, during a time when women’s voices were often ignored and silenced. It is the perfect time to tell her iconic story as the challenges she faced are still prevalent in women’s lives today.”

This is also the first project, first filmed project from for the Monroe estate Authentic Brands Group. Seven Seas Films got the right of the book for the series back in 2017. Several producers are excited to bring the legendary actress to life as details in the book hasn’t been revealed like this before.

“Many people think they know the truth about Marilyn Monroe’s final months, but it’s a complicated and tragic story; one which we want to depict with compassion and sensitivity,” said Seven Seas Films co-founder Dan Sefton. “It’s fantastic to be partnering with 101 Studios and ABG on the next stage of development, and we can’t wait to bring Marilyn to life.”

101 Studios has also produced Yellowstone for Paramount Network, The Current War and La Belle Epoque.


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