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Final Space S01

Title: Final Space

Year: 2018-

Genre:  Action | Adventure | Animation |

Seasons: 1 | 2|

Runtime: 30 min/Episode

Created by: Olan Rogers, David Sacks

Starring:   Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers

imdb 8,3/10

An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embarks on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist. This review might contain spoilers.


Final Space is an animated comedy-drama series where the first season was released in 2018. The second was released in 2019. Although, it’s important that the idea for this series was always there. It even started 2010 for the series creator Olan Rogers. But first, in 2018, this was been released in its current form. By 2018, it was upgraded to a better animation and a more perfected cast that continues to make this series as great as possible.

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The first season is all about Gary, and astronaut and his obsessiveness with a girl named Quinn. The time frame takes place where the earth has been evacuated and Gary has a prisoner on the ship. By the series start, he’s months from to be released. HUE, the A.I onboard the ship keeps his sentence in shape. There is also an annoying robot named KVN. Everyone hates him, as an inside joke.

During the first season that starts a little bit slow but has the main ingredients to make this series to span many more seasons. It follows Gary, the obsessive man who had a troubled childhood and a distant relationship with his parents. An obsessiveness with Quinn and an abusive relationship with cookies. He cares about others and gives his best to save his friends in the worst situations.

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The first season, of the obvious reason, feels a lot lower budget.  But the writings are top-notch none the less, with the heart in the right place. The showrunner has a brilliant ability to tell Gary’s traumatic childhood with just images and sombre music. The voice-actors are giving everything, and the writing has the talent to balance the drama and comedy in a sophisticated way. The characters grow with you as an audience and make you care about them. Hell, the first season has guest-stars David Tennant as Lord Commander among the cast alongside with regular Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny. The first season also has Conan O’Brien to executive produce. The first season shares a brief recap from Gary in a funny way which is not in the second one, which is something I miss?

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This series is far better than Rick and Morty. There are some issues in the series that bugs me but after seeing the series many times now, it’s available on Netflix, it doesn’t annoy the viewing that much. There is a third season coming, probably 2021. Hopefully, more people get to watch this amazing series, that outshine Family Guy and other animated series in on how to tell a story about friendship and love in outer space.


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