Final Space (2018-) S02

Title: Final Space

Year: 2018-

Genre:  Action | Adventure | Animation |

Seasons: 1 |2|

Runtime: 30 min/Episode

Created by: Olan Rogers, David Sacks

Starring:   Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers

imdb 8,3/10

An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embarks on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist. This review might contain spoilers.



Whenever managed to make a compelling story with hilarious characters that your audience enjoy following even after ten episodes with a half-hour each, you’ve a success. While the first season introduced us to the world of Gary Goodspeed and his peers, season 2 is more narrative-driven and far more action-filled than it’s debut season. The emotional task is rising, and the complex character arc continues to evolve to something still entertaining. We now even see more from Gary traumatic childhood with flashback and given sense on how past life was on earth.

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The world setting continues to grow but compare to the first season, it has a bigger role. Some things are exclusively exaggerated to be boring at some points. Fox and Ash are a regular character throughout the whole second series, which is more unfortunate. Little Cato, the son of Avocato and Gary has special relationship this season. The trouble Cato ha gone through this series is signified in this one as well. Gary’s relationship with Avocato is also a little deeper. At sometimes, Gary has grown – believe it or not, and become far more mature than he was in the first season. He’s still raunchy and has a far-fetched instinct but with the drama as well in with Nightfall, does make it even more complexed. We see a far more serious version of Gary, a more emotional which is appreciated.

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That the showrunners give the character a task to complete does have its pros and cons. It’s easier to follow the narrative but there’s also a sense of predictability if you’re aware of the situation before-hand. The world of Final Space is explored more, and within this, it grows on to become somewhat a more sophisticated space-drama that has a weight that does take itself very seriously, which this series should continue to pursue.

The character of Bolo had more of a cameo in the first season yet in this one – He has a key role on how to finalize the mission that is given to Gary.  With the world expands where new settings are set to expand. Even some are cliché or includes annoying characters, it’s the relationships of the character that is the heart of the soul of this series. The relationship between son and mother of the Goodspeed family are explored even more. The storylines even evolve a more complex structure. The second season is far simpler but has a more complex element. It keeps an interesting approach and good entertainment value, but character choice and repetitive cluster drain the good potential and the sophisticated narrative it could have. I appreciated the newly expanding world but the new additional character is not for me. ‘

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However, this is a solid series for animated adventure in space and season 3 should only be a year away.



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