Hollywood Has Postponed More Of Their Productions


Courtesy of Walt Disney Co/Deadline

Disney, among other big Hollywood productions-companies, postpones their production until the spread of the virus COVID-19 calms down.

It’s a difficult time now… We’re facing a different time for a long time ahead of us. Things will change and things will get postponed for a long time. In Europe, it’s worse now than before and it will get worse, virus experts say.

“While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our productions, after considering the current environment and the best interests of our cast and crew, we have made the decision to pause production on some of our live-action films for a short time. We will continue to assess the situation and restart as soon as feasible,” said a Disney spokesperson.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Rings have postponed their production among Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel and Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Home Alone, Nightmare Alley, and Peter Pan & Wendy and Shrunk. Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures has also delayed Fast and the Furious 9 and A Quiet Place: Part II. John Krasinski said on social media that his upcoming film, A Quiet Place: Part II is worth waiting for and he wants the world to see it together, so that film is postponed until further notice.

Disney says that this measure is only for precautions. Even Stranger Things on Netflix and other productions shuts down due to the virus.

Source: Deadline.com


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