BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Title: BoJack Horseman

Year: 2014 -2020

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Drama |

Seasons: 1 | 2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |

Runtime: 25 min / Episodes

Created by: Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Starring: Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie



BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit television show “Horsin’ Around” in the ’80s and ’90s, now he’s washed up, living in Hollywood, complaining about everything, and wearing colourful sweaters.


You have all type of horses. Racehorses, horses at home, plush toy horses and animated horses. Animated horses and racing horses are the most common type. BoJack Horseman is a series, substitute for Netflix original content overall. With the sixth season just closed, it appears to have gathered a distinct fan-base over the years. It has a structure that ain’t so common with animated series. BoJack Horseman is an actor who was in a very famous TV-show in the late 80s and now he’s trying to live his LA life and trying hard to make everything fit back together.

The series handles the story with an arc, one that doesn’t occur in Family Guy or The Simpsons. The episodes in these series aren’t linked in the obvious way BoJack Horseman is. Most of the episodes are for casual viewing and you don’t need a strong follow-up throughout each episode. The case with Bojack Horseman is that you do because the story-arc is consistent. Rick and Morty has a similar concept but is different as well.

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The main cast is Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul and Paul F. Tompkins. As everyone shares the story, with different and distinct voices, it keeps the story fresh and interesting. Will Arnett is the one and only in this series. He manages here to keep a variety of emotions that are linked to his character, the main character BoJack Horseman. He doesn’t often do feature films, but he knows how to make animated character fun. His take with an animated Batman showcases his talent in this business.

The rest of the cast works as well in this dark-comedy and drama-series. Amy Sedaris character, agent Princess Carolyn, has just like BoJack an overwhelming character-arc which make you feel for her. And her relationship with her clients, showcase nature of talent as well. The scenes between BoJack and Princess Carolyn are one of the best interactions in the series. Paul F. Tompkins as Mister Peanutbutter is a charming addition to a very talented cast. His contribution to the series keeps the depth afloat.

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This series has dark moments as well. Really serious topics that are aimed for a mature audience. Sure, you’ve some comedy but it also deals a lot with depression, narcissism and suicide. It really deep dives in how depression works and how it affects that persons surrounding. With a serious take on these subjects, it showcases a sensibility of a serious drama animated series. It does it with its a charming layout of character that is part human and part animal.

These human-animal hybrids become occasionally annoying. Although, it takes a moment to deal with the setting and the animation style. It’s not the usual type of animation-style but after a few episodes, it becomes a daily thing. The style is very simplistic and doesn’t showcase any specified details overall with the subject such as depression. The part of a series that deals with depression in very in-depth. For once, it takes that very serious and a lot of fans has been helped because of that.

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The series runs for six seasons with a variety of great guest actors as well. It’s binge-watchable series and the most interesting part of the series is how it’s depicted on the Hollywood-life in Los Angeles. How it deals with agents, ghost-writers, fame, friendships and so on. So, it blends comedy and drama in a sophisticated way, with humour and life in its peculiar way.


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