First Insight At HBO Max; Launches In May

As you probably noticed by now, WarnerMedia has notified its audience that HBO Max launches its catalog in May, even the date is set now.

WarnerMedia has announced that the launch date for the new streaming service is May 27. The initial launch will include Love Life On The Record, Legendary, and Craftopia. The price tag for the new streaming service is $14,99 per month and aims to have at least 10.000 hours of content.

“Consumers will quickly see that HBO Max is set apart by a foundation of loved brands built over decades but stitched together with a distinctive voice and product experience,” added Kevin Reilly, Chief Content Officer, HBO Max, President, TNT, TBS, and truTV. “Our team has meticulously selected a world-class library catalog and collaborated with top creators across all genres to offer a monthly cadence of original series and movies that we will program and promote for cultural impact.”

Of course, the library will include also Friends, South Park and The Big Bang Theory among other classic titles. The hyped Friendsa reunion,  the non-scripted special, will not happen as it has been shut down now.

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