‘Robin Hood’ Remake In Development At Disney+


                                                                           Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Disney is remaking another animated film, this time is the Sherwood who’s getting the latest remake-treatment by the studio.

Lady and the Tramp went through a remake-treatment for the Disney+ launch last year. The writer, Kari Granlund, is writing the new feature from Disney, based on the 1973 animated film.

The director of Blindspotting, Carlos Lopez Estrada, is on board and attached to direct the film. Justin Springer, who produced Dumbo, is on the project as well.  The deal was already made before the pandemic and the project is still in very early development. Just like the original, the classic will have anthropomorphic characters and feature a live-action/CGI format, similar animation to The Jungle Book and The Lion King. 

Mackans Film has also reported that Bambi is getting a similar treatment with the remake. Just like Pinocchio. is going to remake-land. More news on  the project will follow

Source: THR.com

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