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There’s no secret that Tenet, the new anticipated film from master filmmaker Christopher Nolan, set to debut this summer is hot news. If it’s not released? Then there’s no movie until Christmas.

By now, COVID-19 has made business worldwide to close extensively and hasn’t made it easy for many industries. With the pandemic still turning the world up-side-down, many global production companies have delayed their summer releases several months or released them early on Video-on-Demand.

On the other hand, many countries plan to slowly open up their nations for the vacation period of the year. But with Tenet still scheduled to hit theatres July 17, there are some questions raised. With one of the last major pictures still on schedule, it would be concerning matter if Nolan’s next spy-thriller with time travel, would move back in schedule.

“If ‘Tenet’ doesn’t come out or doesn’t succeed, every other company goes home,” said a marketing executive from a rival studio who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the news media. “It’s no movies until Christmas.”

Simply put this would mean that there would be a film opening this year at least until December which the second major box-office period. If this film fails or doesn’t keep the original release, it would not be a cinema opening this summer. If it succeeds to open and earn money, which it probably will, it could result in the domination by Warner Bros. Pictures this summer on the Box-office.

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However, the fact remains where this is still uncertain whether how the real outcome will be. We’ve just had to wait and see. Also, a rumour says that a new trailer for Tenet is set to be released next week.


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