Courtesy of Final Space Season 3/Concept art

The animated comedy-drama series on Netflix- Final Space is under development for a third season.

 On June 9 2020, Olan Rogers – the creator, actor and writer for Final Space, has taken Twitter where he shares his final stages of this season. Currently, he has written the final episode of the third season, which means that soon the animation and voice-over acting will be in the process as well even if some has already started.

Mr Rogers has also shared that he’s directing currently, and the tours are planned to resume in august this year. Following this example, the final will be emotional enough to scream at the TV and he has twittered that there will be about five or six seasons of the TBS Final Space.

The two first season is available for streaming on Netflix and with this pace, the third season could premiere late this year or at the beginning of next year.

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Source: Olan Rogers


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