Keaton As Batman In Batman Beyond

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)
Batman Beyond

Courtesy of DC Comics

Michael Keaton is rumoured to join in a non-developed Batman Beyond-film.

Even in a disclosed role, it would perhaps be awesome if producers managed Michael Keaton to return as Batman in a futuristic Batman. Now that Keaton has agreed for his return in the upcoming Flash, appearing in a Batman Beyond would enable Warner Bros to create its own multiverses of Batman.

“A live-action Batman Beyond is being talked about again and this time for HBO Max although no development has begun,” says Michael Sutton, Midnight Edge. “If they could net Keaton for it, the possibility of this materializing greatly increases.”

It wouldn’t be the first time this has been spoken off as over a long time Warner Bros has been interested to create something solid for the caped man. The development is a stand-still and with Keaton on board for the iconic role, the development would be far easier to produce. What the outcome will remain to be seen, it’s either an on-going project where we’ll have an anticipated film or it will never happen … for the time being.




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