Stephen Fry To Voice DaVinci In Animated Film.


Courtesy of mk2

Stephen Fry has been cast as Leonardo DaVinci in The Inventor,  a new stop-motion animated film The Inventor.

The film itself will be written and directed by Jim Capobianco, the writer of Ratatouille (2007). Fry will be accompanied by Daisy Ridley as French Princess Marguerite. DaVinci will follow the life of the inventor as he leaves Italy to go to France. The French mk2  films are handling the international right for the film.

“We are making this film for children and the child in many adults. It has action, adventure, beauty and humor. We hope it will spark curiosity in its young audience and inspire girls and boys to become Leonardo’s of the 21st century. We are ecstatic to join mk2 and The Exchange as we bring The Inventor to the big screen,” said Jim Capobianco and Robert Rippberger.

Many in the animation-department are animators from Disney’s several hit-films such and other respected artists. More voice-cast will follow.

“Jim Capobianco’s boundless imagination shines a new light on Leonardo da Vinci’s epic life, making it an adventurous escapade, that is full of surprises for the whole family, and adds a splash of existentialism to boot. We are truly thrilled to be accompanying the work of such creative and experienced artists,” added Fionnuala Jamison and Olivier Barbier of mk2 Films.

lan Urroz, Kat Alioshin, Stephan Roelants, Carmella Casinelli, Dave Lugo, Wes Hull, and Eleanor Coleman serves as executive producers. The film will be starting its production in 2021 and be released in 2023.


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