When Will Hollywood Open Up?



As the United States starts to re-open its country with several theatres that plan to welcome back their guests, there are still concerns about when Hollywood will return to its original shooting schedule.

Reports say that California state is ready to return on June 12th for some shooting but according to recent news that’s not the case for at least Hollywood and some of the biggest studios there. At least, these major studios are calculated to not start shooting for a while – at least a month ahead, meanwhile the country is set to re-open.

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This is just about the protocol of the safety for the Coronavirus. A protocol that determines how the set of safety rules will be in line before productions can start and with representations from several unions up to 200 people have signed on testing and quarantining the cast and crew. And the final signs will not be until four to five weeks. This also means that the movies fans have waited for will be postponed later unless the production company has a plan to ramp up the speed in time for release during next year.

For the major film production and a handful of premium TV shows, this pandemic like tranquilizing an elephant,” one anonymous top film studio executive said. “We’re not going to be able to stand up right away.”

Films like Avatar, Elvis and Austin Butler is aiming to resume shooting in august. Paramount Pictures has said that they’re eager to start shooting the next Mission: Impossible in Italy this September. The Batman and The Little Mermaid in London might start production in mid-June or July. Warner Bros has also said they want to resume Matrix 4 as well.

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Source: Variety.com

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