Marvel Studios Moves Forward With Fantastic Four

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)


Courtesy of Marvel Comics/ Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios has always managed to plan their feature film releases in advance and for an imminent premiere.  Many films for the fourth and beyond phases of films, Marvel has also eyed Fox’s properties of superheroes.

Once Disney got the acquisition finished from 20th Century Fox, it would mean that  Marvel Studios can use the characters that once belonged to them after they bought them back from Fox. The official plans for these popular Marvel characters from Fox have not been revealed as it will take some time before it’s released.

According to recent speculative reports, says that  Disney has filed paperwork for two production-companies: Solve Everything Production and Grass-Fed Production.  The first mentioned has a direct link to Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic in the comics. There’s going to be a while before it happens, but fans have been for a long time, vocal of their admission to see the Fantastic Four set in Marvel Cinematic Universe, properly adapted this time,

Disney has made this approach for prior production, using production-names related to their comic-book counterpart. It’s not  big news however, the development for the popular hero-team seems to continue. Even though it’s not so publicly done.


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