Courtesy of Shazam! DC Entertainment

Zachary Levi and Asher Angel starred as Billy Batson aka Shazam! In the first film Shazam! That was forgettable but successful. The work of the sequel appears to be on the horizon.

 The first film was directed by David F. Sandberg who also directed Lights Out (2016). The success of the sequel has questioned when production aims to start and according to recent reports is that the sequel will start production in spring 2021. The second, untitled film will have a worm called Mister Mind, as potential an antagonist. This has not yet been confirmed.  Writer Henry Gayden, producer Peter Safran will return with for the upcoming film with the director.  The sequel is expected to have more magical elements and cover the seven sins that’s introduced.

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The current release date is November 4th, 2022.  Due to COVID-19, inconsistency the current plan is to start filming next spring. This might however change. More news is expected at the Shazam! Panel at DC Fandom, August 22nd.



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