Immigration Nation (2020-)

Title: Immigration Nation

Year: 2020

Genre:  Documentary |

Season: 1|

Runtime: 50 min/Episode

Created by: Christina Clusiau, Shaul Schwarz



A documentary looking inside the world of immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.

This documentary on immigration reflects a reality many people doesn’t realize, a harsh truth many don’t see like this in the backhand of the society and as this series show and progress, it’s also imminent to say at least, that this issue with illegal immigrants is a not only commitment in the United States. Now even if the USA has a prominent issue that does not mean it exists in other countries.  But this problem has defined America in later years. The situation has gotten worse. That those of undocumented citizens are treated nothing but disrespect in some regards. Many in poverty and those with criminal backgrounds are those that escape their countries for a better life in the USA but do not get the respect and treatment they honestly expect. This issue has also been portrayed in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black where some of the characters are deported because of ICE.

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Interestingly enough, the series has an unheard narrator. An invincible narrator. Even in sync and interview the voice of the interviewer are not heard or visible. There is no God’s narrator either heard for, where a narrator describes certain events. Instead, you have voice-overs by the interviewee, which gives the series a better flow and doesn’t distract with an obvious narrator.  The editing has a good flow to as it shifts between the Trump-supporter and the Anti-Trump. Donald Trump was the one who initiated on how immigrants should be treated in the country. And then you have ICE-workers that are all- in to catch illegal immigrants, even if they do not need to. Other ICE-workers have a sympathetic voice and tries to do the best of the situation.

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Covering in six episodes, it dives deep in different states and explores and examines how their situation is. This means every single episode covers individuals in separate episodes. Some character is more interested than others. And then, there is a lot of politics and money behind this. The filmmaker explains subjects through texts and short interviews.  There is also a dominant duo-lingo with Spanish and English which makes it slightly difficult if you don’t know the language and you want to do a casual watching and pay attention to all the details. The mixing between the ICE-workers and illegal immigrants stalking these workers has a good flow at some point even if it is downhill on some occasions.  This evolves to a community stalking the ICE-police and the police try to defend themselves. The community in some cities has a good spirit and tries to make a change for those who are pro-immigrant.

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Inevitable, some scenes are really emotional while others are full-blown boring. There is a lot of social media and communication involved between everyone involved, which is in some episodes detaching and a loss for attention. This series tries to behave stronger than what it is.  There’s always a new antagonist in every episode.  With efficient interviews, corruption and emotional scenes, this new series on immigration gives a brutal and honest insight in a new reality. It doesn’t provide much depth but enough to make you think perhaps think again about a country like the USA and immigration.

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