Mushietti Wants Flash And Wonder Woman In The Same Film

Courtesy of The Flash (2022), Conceptart of The Flash and Batman

DC’s own fan-event DC FanDome returned this weekend and among the guest was Andy Muschietti who said that he wants both Wonder Woman and Flash in the same film.

Muschietti has gotten an appetite for the speedy Flash and wants to make more movies with the character. Prior to this project, he directed the duology of IT, a two-part film based on Stephen King’s horror novel.

Mackans Film has earlier reported the case of the upcoming Flash film where a double-duo of Batman will be included in the film as it explores The Flashpoint Paradox known from the comics. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton return to play the caped hero in black.

“Yes we want more Flash movies and I would love to see a two-hander, that’s a movie with two stars, of two main characters between The Flash and Wonder Woman,” Muschietti said. “I think they’d be the perfect odd couple, best friends, and I think they could solve a lot of problems in the world with little or no violence which is always a plus in my book.”

Muschietti points out that a dynamic relationship between both Wonder Woman and The Flash as their approach to solving crime differences and the director would also think it would enable some awesome fight sequence between the two heroes. The upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 has recently moved its release to Christmas and The Flash has a release date in Summer 2022.

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