Nick Fury Are Getting His Own Series

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Marvel and Disney are adding another of the classic character known from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he is also, like so many others, his own series on DisneyPlus.

 Samuel L. Jackson is reported to reprise the role that he has had since Iron Man (2008) and this time, he will also get his own series. He has appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe; the last time was in a post-credit scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) where Nick Fury was onboard a Skrull ship somewhere in space. Kyle Bradstreet is expected to write, and executive produces the series, and of course, Marvel Studios is the main producer for Disney Plus.

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The plot is still unknown at the moment. And much likely, this will be another high-budget series that Kevin Feige has greenlighted for DisneyPlus. Bradstreet has among other series worked on the popular and critical acclaimed series Mr. Robot on USA Network. WandaVision, DisneyPlus’ first series from Marvel Studios premieres this December but when Mr. Fury gets his own series is still unknown as production has not even started yet.


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