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Netflix True-crime drama Mindhunter has been put on hold indefinitely, maybe it even returns in five years. The series itself cost too much to produce and was not equal enough with the right number of viewers on Netflix.

Executive Producer David Fincher has confirmed that the third series will be put on hold for a long time. It maybe not even returns for a third season.  The series covered two FBI-profilers that solved crimes and talked to the criminally insane to understand their obscene behavior.  

 “Mindhunter was a lot for me. It’s a 90-hour workweek. It absorbs everything in your life. When I got done [with season 2], I was pretty exhausted, and I said, ‘I don’t know if I have it in me right now to break season three.’” Fincher said.

The series has not achieved the expectation it needed to continue the series and keep the quality that’s required.

He continued, “For the viewership that it had, it was a very expensive show. We talked about, ‘Finish Mank and then see how you feel,’ but I honestly don’t think we’re going to be able to do it for less than I did season two. And on some level, you have to be realistic — dollars have to equal eyeballs.”

Lately, Netflix has canceled both successful and failed series before so maybe it worth the wait and if enough viewer is attached to the series, maybe… just maybe this series might have its third well-deserved season. Does Mindhunter deserve this?

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