Spy novel Harlot’s Ghost, written by Normal Mailer, is getting a TV-series.

Mailer’s novel from 1991 is getting its own series, as Mark Gordon Pictures are developing it after acquired the rights.

Executive producers are Mark Gordon and Bonnie-Chance Roberts. Mailer’s sons Michael Mailer and John Buffalo Mailer are serving as consulting producers.

“Mailer is the godfather of creative non-fiction and ‘Harlot’s Ghost’ is a phenomenal labyrinth, crafted from our recent political history, that travels far beyond its initial intrigue,” said Roberts. “But what is really exceptional, is the unsensational humanity of the characters, both real and imagined, that populate our story: the normal men and women whose rivalries, ambitions, sexual desires and everyday decisions have seismic consequences on our world. It’s terrifying, utterly spellbinding, and we cannot wait to bring it to the screen.”

The book is following;

Harry Hubbard, the son and godson of legendary CIA agents, whose journey to learn about his past takes him through the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination. Hubbard is “haunted by women who were loved by both his godfather and President Kennedy,” per Random House’s description of the novel.

The novel has been called real fiction with The New York Times among the critics. Mark Gordon Production  previously produced The Day After Tomorrow (2004 ) and Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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Source: Variety.com

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