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John Krasinski who directed the two first movies of A Quiet Place, will get another film, as a be a spin-off.

The third film based on an original idea from John Krasinski with Jeff Nichols as the writer and director. The sequel to Krasinski’s first horror film was pushed back due to the COVID lockdown. It was scheduled for a March 20 – release date but Paramount has instead slated it for a release on April 23, 2021.

Much info hasn’t been revealed on the film yet, but much likely it will be a sequel to the second film with a premiere in 2022.  Before this, directional merits Nichols has included Midnight Special, Mud and Loving. Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are set to produce with Platinum Dunes. Krasinski executive produces under Sunday Night with Allyson Seeger.

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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt starred in the first film which became a global blockbuster earning $340 million while it cost $17 million dollar to make.


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