Courtesy of Final Space Season 3/Concept art

Olan Rogers, the creator of Final Space has shed some light on the new season that’s scheduled due 2021.

The animated series Final Space is definitely worth watching. It has both heart, drama and action with comedy and has a unique aura to it. Mr Rogers has shared some news in a Reddit threadwith an update. It was a while back since we had an update. The first news is that the animation is in progress and in production.  A planned teaser/first look is planned on Christmas Day with contents from episode 1, 2, 3. A full trailer will arrive in 2021, Rogers has said.

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Season 1 and 2 will be streamed on HBO Max in U.S. Season 3 will be premiere on Adult Swim. Netflix will handle the International distribution, probably later as they rather want full season.  So Netflix will get the series some months later.  The new season gets released possibly early 2021, at least. Maybe late February.

Olan Rogers will probably update us more when there is more to share.

Source: Reddit//FinalSpace

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