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Deadpool is finally on the way for the third time, with a new writer cast to pen the new script for the next instalment.

This entry in the series will be under the 20th Century Fox banner and the character himself won’t make an appearance in MCU. At least for the time being. Being PG is not exactly the best suitable thing for the foul-mouthed assassins. This film is also one that has happened after the Fox/Disney merger that occurred in 2019. How this play out remains to be seen.

The sisters’ Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are set to write the third film, with Ryan Reynolds reprising the superhero. It’s still expected to be R-rated. David Leitch won’t return to direct the film as he’s busy through 2021 so that’s still unknown until production get started for real.

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The sister won an Emmy in 2017 for their writings on Bob’s Burger on Fox among other projects. They’ve also been showrunners, producers, and creators for The Great North a Fox series, premiering in February 2021.



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