HBO MAX Launches In Europe Late 2021


Courtesy of Warnermedia /

HBO Max is growing and with that comes an unprecedented chance to release it on the European market as well.

According to HBO Max Global CEO Andy Forssell, Warner Bros streaming-service will move across the Atlantic, the Nordics and Latin America during the upcoming launch, making it available in 190 countries. This will make the already consisting streaming-service double in subscribers.

Forssell is convinced that the service will be available in all these regions by the end of 2021.  Chief Content for HBO  and HBO Max, Casey Bloys, talked about the recommendation’s engine on HBO Max:

“It’s not just the shows. It’s how they’re presented. To me it feels like there’s an actual human offering up the shows, which is fun and pleasing and has personality.” 

Pricing and release date will come later but the streamer is expected to launch in Europe, the Nordics and Latin America, the second half of next year. Estimated in the fall.

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