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Philip Pullman’s TV-adaptation His Dark Materials is returning for a final time.

HBO/BBC has renewed the series for a final season. The second season concludes December 28.  The production for the third season begins in Wales in 2021. The scripts have been written and the series will be based on the novel The Amber Spyglass. It was reported in January from HBO that it has been a hit for families. The final season will be concluded with eight episodes.

His Dark Materials is produced by Bad Wolf together with New Line Cinema for BBC and HBO. Jane Tranter, Dan McCulloch, Joel Collins and Julie Gardner for Bad Wolf; Philip Pullman,  Jack Thorne, Tom Hooper; Deborah Forte, Toby Emmerich and Carolyn Blackwood for New Line Cinema; and Ben Irving for the BBC; are all executive producers for the series.

“Fans of Phillip Pullman’s incredible books, and newcomers alike, have been enthralled by adventuring with Lyra and Will through multiple worlds. We are thrilled that they will be able to continue their journey in a third series of this beautifully realized drama. Our thanks to our partners at HBO and the dedicated creative team at Bad Wolf for making a landmark series that will continue to be watched and enjoyed on the BBC for years to come.” said Ben Irving, BBC Drama Commission Editor.

Executive producer Jane Tranter agrees:

“The creative team at Bad Wolf in Cardiff made the impossible possible and brought Philip Pullman’s worlds into vivid life.  To see that hard work and dedication applauded and embraced by fans around the world has made all the hard work worthwhile. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful commitment and conviction of the BBC and HBO. I am excited, thrilled and honored to be making the third part of Philip Pullman’s trilogy with their support and encouragement. Diolch.”

Philip Pullman’s popular book-series is mainly dedicated as children- and Young Adult books. Back in 2007, a film that also was adapted based on the first book The Golden Compass. The expectation of Box Office failed, and a planned sequel was scrapped.

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