Courtesy of HBO | Game of Thrones (2011-)

Game of Thrones could be an animated drama if rumours were to be believed.

Reports say that an animated Game of Thrones drama-series is in the works at HBO Max, although they deny the rumours.  Meetings have happened, but no deals have occurred either. But there is still a possibility that this will indeed happen. The idea is to expand George R.R Martin fantasy. Francesca Orsi her group could have the animated drama in development.

House of the Dragon, starring Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith begins its initial production this spring, which we reported.

“In the face of massively expanding verticals, people have to make choices about what services they want based on what they can provide them,” notes a veteran lit agent. “[HBO Max] is going to look in their library and they’re going to exploit everything they can.”

 HBO Max efforts to expand and use a hit-series like Game of Thrones is similar to what it tries to do with top-franchises like Harry Potter and Sex and the City. Even before its final instalment, HBO announced back in 2017 that several projects set in Westeros were in development.

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