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The popularity of Hannibal, streaming on Netflix, has gained discussion for a season four.

After the ending of the third season, six years ago, fans watching the serial-killer series on Netflix has gained discussion for a fourth season. NBC did cancel the series after three seasons (2013-2015), to fans dislike. With the series on Netflix, a new audience has surfaced and has a new rise in popularity. Mads Mikkelsen has teased about a fourth season that if the series becomes popular again through the streaming service. No promises have been made but Mads has said there is a feeling that a new season could be in the works.

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There’s a possibility that Netflix and NBC will team up if the fanbase grows. At least according to former Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen.

“Unfinished? No,” he explained. “Creative showrunners always have a way to end the season because no one knows if there’s going to be a next one. So there was always that feeling of, ‘Well, that was it.’”
Mikkelsen added, “Having said that, the third season, after that, we were pretty sure we’re getting a fourth. That was not the feeling after the first or the second. But the third [season], we were pretty sure.”

A fourth series would cover The Silence of the Lambs. Brian Fuller is also optimistic for a new season. Even though this is speculation, fans are not guaranteed that for more content. As long the fans of the series spread the word, we might get some good news.

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