Kenneth Branagh is set the to play U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Sky Covid-19 TV-series.

 The TV-Series, written by Michael Winterbottom, is set to pen and direct the series for Sky TV, as it details the first wave in the country of the corona-virus pandemic. The series is going to be produced by Freemantle among others.  The series will launch in fall 2022 on Sky.

“The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered forever,” said Winterbottom. “A time when the country came together to battle an invisible enemy. A time when people were more aware than ever of the importance of community. Our series weaves together countless true stories — from Boris Johnson in Number 10 to front line workers around the country — chronicling the efforts of scientists, doctors, care home workers and policy makers to protect us from the virus.”

The series in five-part will cover the response from the government and the NHS, as well as the impact on the country.

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The series aims to: “tell the tale of some of the most devastating events to ever befall the United Kingdom, and of a Prime Minister leading in these unprecedented times.”

 Winterbottom has written the scripts together with Kieron Quire and helms the direction of all episodes. He’ll executive produce the series, with Richard Brown for Passenger, Melissa Parmenter from Revolution Films. Josh Hyams and Anthony Wilcox serves also as executive producers. The political editor of The Sunday Times Tim Shipman acts as a consultant.

Richard Brown said:

“Michael is a master of weaving compelling drama from factual stories and he has an undeniable, distinct vision for this project. He and Kieron have written remarkable and meticulously researched scripts which powerfully dramatize these extraordinary events that continue to affect us all.”

 The series itself will be a huge deal for Sky who has a multi-year deal with both Freemantle and Passenger, settling the project a first-time scripted drama for the companies.

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