WB & HBO Max Discusses A Harry Potter TV-Series

Courtesy of Warner Bros/HBO Max

To further expand the franchise for Harry Potter, executives from Warner Bros and HBO Max, has recently planned and discussed ideas for a live-action TV-Series.

Ideas have been discussed on how to expand the franchise with potential directors and writers for a TV-Series. As it is still in the early development stage, no details have been revealed, THR reports.  Both HBO Max and Warner Bros states that there is no series in development, at the moment:

 “There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform,”

As we reported last week, where Tom Aschiem is the new supervisor for the property, it seems to have been a fruitful decision. The films grossed over $7 billion worldwide and J.K Rowling has an exclusive claim on the rights for the franchise. Fantastic Beast has been partly successful with two films released and three more to go, with the third presumed release in 2022. As the HP-property is extremely to both Warner Bros and HBO Max, the deal made with NBCUniversal/Peacock was confirmed in 2016 and ends in April 2025. The deal includes digital content, theme parks, and events.  The deal also meant that Warner Bros did have the Harry Potter at their disposal but had to remove it three months later, to be re-released on NBC streaming-service instead.

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Source:  THR.com

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