wonder woman 1984

Title: Wonder Woman 1984

Year: 2020

Genre:  Action | Adventure  | Fantasy |

Runtime: 151 min

Director:   Patty Jenkins

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig



Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes go missing.

Wonder Woman (2017) was an inclusive superhero-film where the film progressed throughout the whole story decently and naturally even if it got carried away by the end. It was a milestone for girls to have a female superhero as a role model.  The same year, Justice League premiered, and everyone tries to forget that disaster and now we’re getting a recut of that very same ensemble film of superheroes, and the second film aka Wonder Woman 1984 fails in every department the first succeeded in.  The whole story about a magic stone that brings back Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, making Kristen Wiig’s nerdy girl a Cheetah and making Pedro Pascal a greedy genie using the stone as a monkey paw, doesn’t have the best pitch.

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At first, narration at the beginning of a flashback scene that doesn’t compel the audience or even drive the story forward beside its over-used simplistic moral dilemma where Diana as a child cheated. Then fast-forward to 1984 with production design used too much to make it look like the 80s. It feels fake and doesn’t add something to the story. All CGI during the first fight and the new introduction with Diana is forced and unveils an inconsistent work. The whole movie appears to be a joke and it’s not easy to connect with the characters. Gal Gadot fails to make an impressive performance just like Kristen Wiig but Pedro Pascals Maxwell Lord is what makes this disastrous film even watchable. He has a convincing character-arc and as the film moves along- despite how irrational it is, he’s the best part of it. Chris Pine rediscovering the new technology of the 80s after returning somehow, is also a fresh breeze.

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Gal Gadot doesn’t make the cut and does not give a good performance in this sequel. Kristen Wiig plays a stereotypical character, and the CGI on her Cheetah is terribly done. The whole plot is an attempt of underwhelming and poor writing and directing. It tries to be ambitious in its world-building and the whole story appears distracted. It doesn’t resonate well enough to make it a recommended film. It has major flaws in acting, directing, writing, and visuals. Therefore, do not waste time with this poorly done film.

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