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Disney’s 20th Century Studios has got the rights for the Chris Whitaker’s We Begin at the End.

Whitaker’s mystery-story will be directed by Thomas Kail, the former Hamilton-director with Jennifer Todd as the producer. They’re still searching for a writer to adapt to the novel.

“The characters, the suspense, the emotional arcs, we were all captivated and knew we had to make this into a television series. And Jordan [Moblo] and Elizabeth [Newman], who run the newly formed IP acquisitions department of our studios, were dogged in their pursuit of the project.”

The deal is done under their Old 320 Sycamore company, which has an overall deal with the Disney-owned company.

“Chris’ remarkable voice and heart are woven into every intricate detail of this deeply moving story of family, redemption, and hope,” said Kail and Todd in a joint statement. “We are beyond excited to be able to bring self-proclaimed modern-day outlaw, Duchess Day Radley, and the rest of these powerful characters to life onscreen with Karey Burke and her passionate team at 20th TV.”

The novel follows a convict who is released after 30 years in prison. The book’s author is also happy.

“I’ve spent such a large part of my life writing this book, and it means everything to have the perfect partners for this story in Tommy, Jennifer and Karey. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The book deal was done by Luke Speed at Curtis Brown Group. The book is published by Henry Holt and Company.

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