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George R.R. Martin’s Wild Card has moved to a new home, after being part of Peacock.                                       

The series is still in development. It was initially staying on Hulu back in 2018. Andrew Miller, who was set to write, and executive produce the project on Hulu has left the project. The project is looking for new writers. Martin will still be executive produce together with Melinda Snodgrass and Vince Gerandis.  UCP is producing for Peacock.

The plot in the series; a new virus that changes the human DNA in Manhattan in 1946, mutating. Some get superpower and others get physical deformities. Hulu’s own plan was developing two series within the universe of Wild Cards, with Andrew Miller running both. Still unclear if this will continue to happen. The Wild Cards book was published in 1987 and now over a dozen book has been released. Martin has produced SyFy’s show Nightflyers and been writing the A Song of Ice and Fire, which the global megahit Game of Thrones was based on.

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