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Armie Hammer has been fired from Billion Dollar Spy, a film that hasn’t been starting its production yet.

It’s the thriller Billion Dollar Spy this time, a Cold War drama where Armie was supposed to star against Mads Mikkelsen with director Amma Asante. This is the last of several films that Hammer has been fired from. The actor himself has been said it’s bullshit.  Asante och Walden Media’s representatives have declined any comments. The rape accusation has been on-going for a while as the rape allegation from LAPD was reported back in 2017 and thereafter Hammer’s career has been worse.

The sexual assault investigation’s lead suspect is Hammer. Hammer has also been dropped by WME and doesn’t have any more agency, due to several claims written on social media. The actor has claimed that any sexual interaction with his partners has been consensual.

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The accusation first surface in January 2021, when an anonymous Instagram account started to accuse Hammer of sexual accusations from sexual fetishes of cannibalism to rape fantasies, on which he hasn’t commented. Armie Hammer has also been fired from  Shotgun Wedding and  The Offer. The last-mentioned is a series about the making of The Godfather.

Billion Dollar Spy hasn’t started filming yet, mostly because of the complication in the industry amid the pandemic.  Death on the Nile is already completed which is one of Hammer upcoming projects, with the premiere in February 2022.


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