Q: Into the Storm (2021) – Official Trailer

From Director Cullen Hoback and Executive Producer Adam McKay, the six-part HBO original documentary series explores the origins of QAnon. QIntotheStorm premieres on March 21 at 9 PM on HBO Max. with subsequent episodes airing back-to-back weekly on Sundays. Episodes will also be available to stream on HBO Max. Watch the full teaser for Q: Into the Storm in the video above.

Spanning three years in the making and traversing the globe, the series follows filmmaker Cullen Hoback on a labyrinthine journey to uncover the forces behind QAnon, a movement fueled by conspiracy theories that have grown in scope and political significance, chronicling its evolution in real-time and revealing how “Q” uses information warfare to game the internet, hijack politics and manipulate people’s thinking.

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