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Ridley Scott and Steven Knight are producing Roads to Freedom, a 10-episode WWII epic based on Anthony Beevor’s novels.

The story doesn’t follow Americans or British troops as it would usually do in Hollywood films, it will be an inclusive international perspective with the U.S, UK, Russia, Germany, and France among other countries. It will also include women and children, struggling for survival. The intention is to show a thwarting but heroic broader perspective as it shed light on what happened during those harrowing years. Scott is set to direct the pilot-episode while Knight and Beevor will write all episodes who all will executively produce. It was initially developed and created by both executive producer PJ van Sandwijk and Michael Lesslie from Storytellers Productions. Scott Free’s David W Zucker and Marina Brackenbury will executive produce as well.

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Anthony Beevor books have sold 8 million copies with several international bestsellers including D-Day – The Battle for Normandy, Paris after the Liberation, Arnhem – The Battle for the Bridges, Ardennes 1944 – Hitler’s Last Gamble, Berlin – The Downfall 1945, A Writer at War – Vasily Grossman with the Red Army, and The Second World War.

Ridley Scott has been busy lately. He finished The Last Duel last year, shooting House of Gucci right now, which after he is set to direct Kitbag, the epic film with Joaquin Phoenix playing Napoleon Bonaparte, for Apple. Despite all, the WWI project is still a priority and he will take from personal memories and childhood. There’s still no news on who will finance the project and broadcast, so stay tuned for more information.

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