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Stephen King’s and Peter Staub Fantasy-novel The Talisman will now be adapted to Netflix.

 Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Paramount Television Studios will be adapting the fantasy-story to TV-series for the streaming service. Curtis Gwinn, a former writer-ex. Producer on Stranger Things, another property from the Duffer Brothers, will be the series showrunner and head writer. Spielberg has spent over 35 years trying to adapt the book to the screen. With this collaboration, it seems more than possible to make it happen. The Duffer Brother will be the shows executive producers with Monkey Massacre Productions, together with the studio, Amblin. Steven King will also executively produce. Daryl Frank and Justin Falvey will also produce on the studio behalf.

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Talisman tells of a 12-year-old boy named Jack Sawyer who sets off on an epic road-trip quest in order to save his dying mother’s life. He is in search of the Talisman, a powerful relic that can not only heal his mother but, as he learns, save the world. Sawyer’s journey crisscrosses two realities: the America we know and its dangerous, fantasy-world twin, The Territories.

The book was released in 1984, and a book-sequel came in 2001. Other’s producers have also tried to envision the story as a feature film, just back in 2019 but failed.  Todd Cohen will oversee the project for Amblin. The Duffer Bros’ Stranger Things, season 4, is still expected to be released this year.

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