Courtesy of Getty Images. The Spielberg couple.

West Side Story, the latest film from Spielberg premiering in December. The master director’s next project appears to be a movie, a little closer to home in Arizona.

Deadline reports that Spielberg’s Amblin Partner will produce the film, which is partly based on his childhood in Arizona, growing up. Also, it is reported that Michelle Williams might join in a role as Spielberg’s own mother. Spielberg is also attached to write the screenplay, together with Tony Kushner. This is the first time since 2001 when A. I was the last movie Spielberg wrote. Production expected to start this summer and released next year, 2022.

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The casting-process has already started. The director is also looking for a younger actor, playing him. Apparently, his time growing-up has been an inspiration for his directing-career. After pushing the film forward due to COVID-19, West Side Story is set to premiering during this year. Being the greatest director ever lived, Spielberg is probably the best man for the job.



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